Covid Updates Thassos (summer 2021): Is Thassos safe?

Covid Updates Thassos (summer 2021): Is Thassos safe?

by Dimitri

We were all craving this time to come: Greece to open its borders, restrictions to end, and life to start coming back to normal. Summer 2021 looks a lot better than 2020, which many of us want to forget. So, if you consider visiting Thassos, here is a brief overview of what you need to know: all the Covid Updates Thassos 2021.

Is Thassos safe?

In short, yes it is. Why? Lots of reasons: First, on the 11th of June, the Greek Minister of Civil Protection, announced that Thassos would move from zone 2 (yellow) to zone 1 (green). This change took effect on the 12th of June, and Thassos is now officially considered a covid-safe island. You can also double-check that in this live official map. Quite a progress since winter.

Covid Updates Thassos 2021

The second main reason why Thassos is safe to travel is the progress of vaccination. Already from May, all local citizens above 18 years old, could be vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Everyone working in the hospitality and food industry has access to vaccines against Covid, and most owners and staff have already achieved immunity. According to the Greek Minister for Health, Thassos will be one of 19 Greek islands that can be 100% vaccinated by the end of June. 

Of course, the main drive behind this positive news is no other than the efforts of the local and central Greek authorities. To be specific, the government had long planned for a detailed plan to vaccinate all islanders in Greece before the remaining population. This plan came with the name “Operation Blue Freedom” and has shown positive results, especially for Thassos.

Covid Updates Thassos (summer 2021): Is Thassos safe? 1

Lastly, apart from the standard prevention measures, Thassos is also ready to handle any new positive Covid case. The Greek state equipped Thassos on the 22nd of May 2021 with a dedicated Covid-19 rapid response mobile unit. This team of experts can take their equipment and get to any point on the island within a few hours. You can call them at 30 25933 50000. Everybody tested positive will be quarantined for 14 days in a specially designated hotel at no cost.

So what do I need to visit Thassos (Covid Updates Thassos 2021)

Greece has opened its borders to all EU and Schengen countries. If you travel by road, there are four entry points in northern Greece:

  • Kulata (Bulgaria) – Promachonas (Greece)
  • Kapitan Petko Voyvoda – Ormenio (Greece)
  • Makaza (Bulgaria) – Nimfea (Greece)
  • Bogoroditsa (North Macedonia)- Evzoni (Greece)

For every passenger above 12 years, you need to complete the Passenger Locator Form, where you will also state the complete address/place you will be staying in Greece. For example, in our case: Studios Plaka Skala Kallirachi Thassos 64010.

Covid Updates Thassos (summer 2021): Is Thassos safe? 2

Apart from the Passenger Form, you also need to show one of the following:

  • a document showing that you have completed your vaccination for at least 14 days (eg. Green passport)
  • a negative Rapid test result from no more than 48 hours ago
  • a negative PCR test result from no more than 72 hours ago
  • a certificate of Covid recovery 

For more details, you can double-check the latest official updates on entry requirements to Greece here. For those coming from Romania, remember to check the information from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As you prepare for your trip, feel free to check out this 1-minute video about Greece:

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