Fishing Trip Thassos

If you are looking for a fishing trip in Thassos, you are at the right place. Keep reading to learn about this boat trip, including itinerary, trip options, and cost.

Thassps boat trips

What does the trip include?

  • See how local professionals fish in Thassos. Depending on the day and weather conditions, you will observe either professional net or hook fishing.
  • Catch your own fish using fishing lines. The boat will stop at a selected place, and you will have the chance to fish directly from the boat!
  • Access secluded beaches. Thassos is full of amazing beaches, but none are as unique as those accessible only by boat. You will have an entire beach just for yourself!
  • Snorkel in crystal-clear waters. The boat trip will take you to an ideal spot to snorkel, where the water conditions and surroundings will amaze you!

maria maria boat trip fishing trip thassos

How long does the trip last?

You can choose between three different trips:


Half-day (6 hours): You start at 6 in the morning and return at noon, for a total of 6 hours.

Full-day (10 hours): You start at 6 in the morning and come back at 4 in the afternoon, for a total of 10 hours. The main differences with the half-day trip are that the full-day one is longer, and you will have one free meal (noon) in the boat. Read more on the itinerary described below.

Personalized (as many hours as you want): If you are a group of people who want to have the boat just for yourself, without other guests, you can decide to book the entire boat. Then, you can choose your own itinerary, timing, and what you want to include in the trip.

Can I see more photos of the trip?

Here is a gallery with some photos of the trip:

What is the itinerary for each trip option?

Half-day trip: you will first see how professionals fish. Feel free to bring a sandwich or some takeaway breakfast, and you can eat in the boat while watching the captain and sailor go on with their fishing routine. Then, the captain will take you to a place where you can catch your own fish with fishing lines. Finally, you will visit a secluded beach and have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters. You will return to the port at noon.

Full-day trip: here, the itinerary is the same as the half-day trip. However, you will now have more time to catch your fish in two locations. In addition, the boat will drive you to a more distant and picturesque beach. And instead of returning to the port at noon, you will enjoy a free meal on the boat. The lunch will include fish soup, bread, salad, and a soft drink.

Personalized: if you want to book the boat with the captain just for yourself, you can make a specialized itinerary and visit whichever part of the island you wish. It can be anything from a short excursion for fishing in the open to a full circle of the island. You can discuss the possibilities with the captain or ask for recommendations.

maria maria boat trip fishing trip thassos

Where does the trip start?

The trip usually starts at the fishing port of Skala Kallirachi. However, you can also often find the boat at the port in Limenaria. 

maria maria boat trip fishing trip thassos

How many passengers can the boat take?

The boat can take up to 12 passengers, including the captain and the crew. Since it is 10 meters long, you will have more than enough space to move around or sit and enjoy the cruise.

maria maria boat trip fishing trip thassos

How much does the trip cost?

The half-day trip costs 50 euros per person, and you will be at least 5 passengers on the boat.

The full-day trip costs 75 euros per person, including the free meal at noon. You will also be at least 6 passengers in the boat.

The cost for the personalized trip will vary depending on the itinerary. To give you a rough estimate, the cost of hiring the boat for 3-5 hours would be about 250 euros. So if you are 9 in the group, the cost can be as low as 28 euros per person.

maria maria boat trip fishing trip thassos

How to make a reservation or ask a question?

You can directly contact the captain, Michalis, at the following number:

+30 694534118

(Call, WhatsApp, Vyber)