Thassos COVID Updates (February 2021)

by Dimitri

Here is a detailed update of the COVID situation in Thassos for February 2021 and the months coming into it. We will continue to publish similar Thassos COVID updates for the remaining months.

Thassos Covid updates until February

Greece has been in a nation-wide lockdown since the 7th of November. If you want to move, you must have a good reason and need to send an SMS to a special number. Similarly, in Thassos, the lockdown has affected life in the community.

All cafes, snack bars, restaurants, and tavernas cannot host visitors. Although there is still the choice of takeaway, most businesses have decided to close as the expenses far outweigh any income. The 9 pm curfew certainly played a role in their decision, especially for snack bars. 

Schools remained mostly closed since the start of the academic year in September. Students follow their classes online. Although the schools opened for a few weeks at the start of the year for certain classes, the authorities again moved the classes online.

Rapid Tests started in January

Until the end of the year 2020, anyone wishing to test against the new coronavirus had to either pay for the test or be severely sick to be qualified by the local health authorities. If that was the case, a doctor would be sent to their home so that they could test against the virus.

However, since January, mobile units have been created by the municipality to offer free rapid tests to everyone wishing.

Test Results

Here are the announced results for all tests since January (published by the municipality):

  1. 18-19 Jan in Potamia and Panagia: 124 negative, 1 positive 
  2. 21 Jan in Rachoni: 67 negative, 0 positive 
  3. 28 Jan in Limenas: 113 negative, 0 positive 
  4. 10 Feb in Prinos in a school unit: 6 cases were found of the new British variant. This finding forced the mayor to demand all education classes be moved back online. This indeed applied within a few days for all students, from kindergarten to high school.
  5. 11 Feb in Prinos: 74 negative, 2 positive 
  6. 12 Feb in Limenaria: 160 negative, 3 positive 

Another source claims that up to 25 students in Thassos have tested positive in the new COVID British variant, brought into the island by a teacher. 

Thassos moved Risk_Zone on 19/02

Due to the recent events with the new British variant cases on the islands, the government decided to move the municipality of Thassos to a higher-risk zone on the 19th of February.

Now the curfew starts at 6 pm (instead of 9 pm) and goes until 5 am. Retail stores can only work with click away (a new initiative by the government to promote orders online but the option to pick up from the store in a determined time). 

Visits in any hair salon, clothes store, or bookstore can happen only with a scheduled date. 1 person, every 25 squared meters is allowed inside any store. All stores close on Sunday. 

Vaccination continues on February 

As with the rest of Greece, vaccination has also started on the island of Thassos for the elderly. First, everyone above 85 years only was vaccinated in the second half of January, followed in February by those above 80 years of age.

A platform can be used to schedule the appointment. For those who do not have the means or knowledge to use mobile devices, the municipality of Thassos has set up call lines and a special team to help booking the two appointments. 

The vaccine will come in two doses and by the end of February, most elderly above 80 years of age will have taken both shots. Apart from the mobile units, most vaccinations take place in the health center of Prinos.

Summer 2021

We will continue to publish similar Thassos COVID updates for the remaining months.

The whole island is preparing for the new summer season and everyone is confident that the current measures and vaccinations will help us have yet another safe and carefree summer under the light of the Greek sun!

Talk Soon,

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