About Plaka

A place of Peace

Studios Plaka was designed with care in order to provide comfort and fulfill the needs for those who wish to experience unique privacy and a true serenity experience. Plaka is a place ideal for couples and families that crave for a relaxing retreat from everyday hustles. The plethora of sitting areas distant to each other ensures the peace and quiet of all guests.

A place of Privacy

It is an exclusive resort that only accommodates up to 9 families at a time, ensuring each guest is taken the best possible care. The courtyard is a natural beauty that combines olive trees, arbors, potted flowers, pine trees and many other local greenery and flowers. Everything is under the loving provision of warm and kindhearted people with a tradition of excellence in service who are dedicated to your wellbeing.

A place of Memories

Plaka is a destination that’s an intimate getaway and a fabulous escape where families make the most of valuable time together and create lasting memories. It’s where you can take off into the mountain, soak up the sun on our private beach, enjoy our crystal waters and the plethora of patios and gardens, everything with a remarkable attention to detail.

Plethora of sitting areas

This is a separate sitting area in the lower level. It also features a hammock.

This is how the sitting are in the upper level looks like.

This is the sitting area in the lower level.

This is a view from the upper level sitting area.






You will be surrounded by the sea, the trees, rocks, mountains and by the sun rising from the mountains and setting in front of our private pebble beach. There, you can lay back on the comfortable sun loungers and feel the Aegean aura surrounding you. There is no feeling like the soft sea breeze touching you, as it invites you to dive in the azure, transparent waters.

Pebble Beach

Standing out from other accommodation options on the island, Plaka offers unparalleled views to the Aegean and the majestic sunset surrounded by a green and relaxing environment, completing a marvelous experience. When searching for resorts by the beach with stunning views and genuine hospitality standards, Studios Plaka should be the first name on the list.

Majestic Sunsets

Frequent Questions

Is the resort safe for children?

The resort is especially built to provide relaxing holidays to families. A big priority was to ensure our place is safe and secure for children of all age. Not only can the kids play freely and safe in our courtyard, but they will also relish and enjoy the gardens and the pebble beach to the fullest.

How many sitting areas there are in Studios Plaka?

Each room has its own private table right next to its entrance door plus the balconies for Aphrodite studio and Zeus apartment. Apart from those, there are 11 more tables spread out in our private courtyard for common use. In addition, there are two sofas, two swings and one hammock also for common use.

Is the beach only with pebbles?

The area with the sunbeds and umbrellas is covered primarily with pebbles. Within 4 meters walking distance into the water, pebbles give way to sand at a depth of around 90 centimeters. This is where most guests swim and can be easily accessed by a natural corridor covered mostly with sand. Note that the area between the beach and the sand region is an ideal place for snorkeling as sea life is rich.

How many sunbeds and umbrellas there are in the private beach?

There are 4 umbrellas and 16 sunbeds in the beach for common use. There are extra sunbeds if needed in the lower level. Feel free to move sunbeds around and sunbath or relax in any part of our courtyard and gardens, as long as you move the sunbed back.