Thassos Virgin Olive Oil: Why It Is So Unique

After a busy summer, Thassians turn to agriculture, fishing and the quiet village life. A standard annual task is the collection of olives from October to December. Thanks to its ancient olive trees, Thassos produces some of the finest virgin olive oils you can find in Greece.

In this article, you will learn everything about our Thassos virgin olive oil. It is also known as Thassitiko, which translates “from Thassos”.

thassos olive oil

What makes Thassos virgin olive oil unique?

Thassos is home to some of the largest and oldest olive trees in Greece. Their reputation is so big that there is an interesting story about olive trees, ancient Phoenicians, and Greek mythology

Leaving history aside, the locals take great care of their olive trees. To be specific, the local authorities and olive oil associations have established a unique watering system that protects most olive trees from the lengthy summer droughts. Thanks to this innovative system already established in 1980, the olives grow big and rich in oil.

This is the main reason why Thassos olives, also known as “throuba”, sell all around Greece. Their taste is unique. As a result, the olive oil is also of similar quality and excellence. You won’t know how good it is until you try.

thassos olive harvest Thassos Virgin Olive Oil Why It Is So Unique

What are the benefits of Thassos virgin olive oil?

Any authentic olive oil is healthy. However, if you come to Thassos, you want to taste the best of the best. It is only natural to ask for the renowned local olive oil, such as “Thassitiko”. And if you have the chance, you also want to bring a bottle or two back home.

To start with the medical benefits, there are studies showing that Thassos olives and olive oil can lower the chance of blood diseases and heart attacks. At the same time, locals claim that a spoon of extra virgin olive oil in the morning can give you enough strength for the entire day.

Since Thassos virgin olive oil is mechanically produced, without artificial elements or other additives, it makes sense it is so healthy. Yet, health benefits are not the only thing you will love about this olive oil. It also tastes delicious; all thanks to its rich smell, characteristic greenish yellow color and outstanding density.

Thassos Virgin Olive Oil factory skala kallirachi Why It Is So Unique

Who makes Thassos virgin olive oil?

Almost every village in Thassos has its own olive oil association. Local olive tree owners register to the association and pay an annual fee. In exchange, the association, owned by all its members, is responsible for transforming the olives to olive oil.

Depending on how many fields they have, the locals spend a few weeks or even months between October and December to collect the olives from their trees. Then, they take the olives and bring them to the local olive oil factory, owned and maintained by the association. One such factory is the one you see in the picture above, located in Skala Kallirachi. 

Once they are in the factory, the olives go through a series of procedures for three to four months to become olive oil. The first delivery of olive oil takes place around April. The more olives a member gives in the winter, the more olive oil they receive in spring. 

We at Studios Plaka spend three to four weeks collecting olives every November. As a result, we have more than enough olive oil and olives for the entire year. Like most locals, we sell the remaining olive oil while we usually gift a small bag of olives to every guest, once they leave. 

Feel free to ask us or any other local for olive oil or olives. Chances are that they will have their own olive oil for sale or they know someone who does.